Feng Shui for Paths and Driveways

The "gateway" into your home is undoubtedly the most important sector to focus on initially. Protecting this area from poisoned arrows is your first task. Ideally, paths and driveways need to be kept clean and clear of any obstacles such as dustbins, bicycles and rubbish. Helpful for the postman are direct paths to your front door from the gate. However, Chi energy will come too fast and potentially violently towards your front door.

Gently curving pathways and drives are ideal and if this is not possible, try to slow down the flow of Chi by placing circular plant pots on all alternate sides of the path to help the Chi "meander" towards the front door. Odd numbers of planters or shrubs are deemed more beneficial. Make sure that any plants either side of the path are healthy as sick or dead plants can affect the health of elderly inhabitants of your home. Keeping your front garden aesthetically pleasing and tidy will also catch peoples' eyes. A glance over the fence, they will feel uplifted by the view. On the other hand, if you have a rusting car in your driveway or a broken fence or an old skip, then a passer-by will think negatively and much of this energy is also aimed in your direction.

If your home entrance way leads directly into the street without any driveway or path, then make sure that your doorstep is higher than the pavement level. Maintain the doorstep well and keep it clear and clean at all times.