Feng Shui for Hallways and Lobbies

Whether this is the hallway of your own home, or one that you share with another tenant or the lobby in your block of flats, the same fundamental principles apply. Ideally this space needs to be open and well lit. As you enter the hallway, it needs to reveal to the visitor where they are and where to go next. The more clear this is to them, the more clear and positive the charge of Chi will be that enters the home. As you enter some homes, you are often greeted by a blank wall. Although not ideal, there are a couple of things that can be done to alter the situation. An uplifting piece of art work directly in front of you is one suggestion. Laying a rug or carpet that reveals to the visitor which way to go is also helpful. A mirror in this tight corner can be helpful to open up the space but not directly in line with the front door as this will reflect back all the positive Chi that is entering.

If, as you enter the home through the front door you are greeted by an interior door in the hallway, make sure that it hinges in the same way. This is vital otherwise it can reflect in confused Chi entering the house leading to different levels of "chaos and confusion" amongst the occupants. It is preferable to have this second interior door paned with glass which is more revealing and comforting to the visitor. Being faced by another solid door has the potential to block the Chi too much.

Hallways really must be clutter free zones. Picking your way through walking boots, walking sticks, umbrellas, childrens' toys and bicycles really does hinder "opportunity" entering your home. A hallway that leads directly to a toilet is regarded as one of the big Feng Shui "no no's". The flushing away process is symbolic of losing money. Remember that water is always symbolically associated with cash flow and money. There are no simple solutions to this problem. However, the least you can do is keep the door firmly closed at all times.

If when standing at the front door and looking along the hallway you can see the back door, then there is another potential problem. Chi will inevitably enter the house and like a draught, exit through the back door. You really need to look at how to slow down this Chi before you are the victim of too many lost opportunities in your life or career. Depending on the length of the hallway through to the back door, you could position 2 or 3 wind chimes, high enough up to avoid banging your head. You could also place a bead curtain at the back door. If you dislike wind chimes, consider placing strategically hung baskets. If the top section of the back door is panelled with glass, you may wish to try hanging a red or gold glass, lead surrounded, flat piece of art work in this glass section of the door to help slow down the lost Chi. Ultimately, place plant pots in the hallway to help the Chi meander rather than rush through your home.