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Feng Shui AstrologyFeng Shui Astrology

"This book is easy to use and once picked up will have you looking up all of your friends and families horoscopes. The definitions of each combination of numbers is clear and informative. I especially liked the use of celebrities and charecters from history to illustrate the diffrent characters. The book is well organised and the diagrams simple to use and understand. "

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Feng Shui For LifeFeng Shui For Life

"This is an awesome book for both the first-timer and anyone looking for a little more detailed information about improving your life with feng shui. It covers the philosophy and concepts of feng shui, along with how to determine who you are, where you are, and where you are going. It has a self-assesment section which addresses possible health problems you may have and how to remedy them. Part 4 is all about feng shui in the home. I started reading this book and couldn't put it down until 2 in the morning. Then I got right up the next morning and finished reading it. It is easy to understand but not so simple to make you feel like a "dummy." It is wonderful as a straight read-through and also will work as a reference to come back to many times. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about feng shui and what it can do for you."

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Authentic IChingThe Authentic I Ching

Jon Sandifer & Professor Wang Yang

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I Ching Astrology

'I Ching Astrology is the oldest form of astrology in the world. Based on the I Ching, it is an integral part of the traditional source of Feng Shui, astrology and culture. China and its neighbours have benefited from its wisdom for centuries. Through the book you can use the I Ching Astrology to gain deeper insight into who you are, increase your understanding of the I Ching, improve your intuition, understand your relationships and love life, discover which months of the year are better for you to make changes or decisions in life, reflect on the occupation or career best suited for you, understand who you work best with and much more.'

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Learn Feng Shui

'This is a comprehensive introduction to Feng Shui. Expert Jon Sandifer will guide you through the origins, theory and practise of Feng Shui as well as providing you with the necessary information to carry out your own survey.

This book accompanies Jon Sandifer's e-learning course- Learn Feng Shui.

  • Assess your own home and garden
  • Create a harmonious living space
  • Use colour and design to enhance your Feng Shui
  • How to apply space clearning
  • Tips on selling a home
  • Useful contacts and resources


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Available as an e-book here in September 2011 at £2.86.