Where Is My Relationship Corner? – Assessing Your Home or Office with the Pakua

Where Is My Relationship Corner? - Assessing Your Home or Office with the Pakua

Having assessed your home from a Chi perspective, you can now go ahead and begin to fine tune your space using the ideas and suggestions that follow. It is a very simple and practical application of Compass School Feng Shui which I hope will leave you hungry to delve further into this fascinating and profound approach to Feng Shui. A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step!

Feng Shui Floor Plan
The Pakua

Step 1

Begin by drawing or sketching a fairly accurate floorplan of your home, your office or an individual room. Make sure to clearly indicate where the doors and windows are located together with staircases and primary pieces of furniture - your desk, your favourite chair, your cooker and your bed.

Step 2

With another colour pen, divide up the floorplan into the 9 grids which the Pakua represents. If there is an extension on the property that takes up more than 50% of that side of the building, then include it within the Pakua. This will leave you then with an empty space outside of the home but which is technically to be included within the Pakua above. Small extensions of less than 50% of the side of a building or room, you can exclude from the Pakua.

Step 3

Using a simple hand bearing compass, work out which direction is North. Take at least 3 different readings within the home to ascertain precisely the direction of North. Once established, mark this with an arrow on your floorplan.

Feng Shui Relationship Corner

Step 4

Mark clearly in a different colour pen onto your floorplan which sector now represents North, South, East, West and the inter cardinal directions of Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

Step 5

By looking at the Pakua above, notice what all the Life Aspirations reflect. For more detail of their symbolism, you need to check the following sections in the text. However, if you are already clear that perhaps your Career or Studies need working on, then notice which sector of your home they occupy or even which sector of a room represents these Life Aspirations.

Step 6

In the following sections check out under the compass directions which Life Aspiration you feel you need to work on for your journey. See what you can take from this information and apply it practically to your space. Check whether this sector of your home in terms of Chi lives up to your current aspirations. Is, for example, the Northeast sector of your home or study a real reflection of contemplation and stillness to support you in your current journey of studying? Begin with the big picture and notice if there is an element of stillness, grounding as security while you study. Perhaps the area is very untidy? Perhaps the area is located in a whirpool of Chi where there is little chance for stillness or contemplation.

From a Yin/Yang perspective, always check out the opposite sector to the one that you feel needs working on as well. Using the complementary yet antagonistic nature of Yin and Yang, it is important to remember that the sector opposite the one you are working on will also need some attention. What has a front, has a back and also the bigger the front, the bigger the back. For example, in the case of the previous situation of the Northeastern sector, do check the Southwestern sector which is associated with relationships. While the Northeast is about stillness, contemplation and technically being "out of relationship" with the outside world, too much emphasis will invariably drain your relationship with others. Rather like a set of scales, do not put all your eggs in one basket (one sector) and pay scant or no attention to its complementary yet antagonistic opposite sector.